Easy Beet Hummus Recipe

hummus_beet_organic_recipe Fight cancer, anemia and high blood pressure with this delicious hummus recipe.

By Brooke Rewa, LuxEco Editorial Assistant

Add beets to your farmer’s market list this week and pull out your food processor, we’re making beet hummus.  Not only is this hummus recipe simple and flavorful, it’s packed with all the benefits of typical hummus plus the added punch of nutrient loaded beets.


Here’s what you need for this super easy, extremely tasty hummus recipe:

- 3 medium sized beets (boil beets until soft and pull the skin off)

- 1 can organic garbanzo beens

- 4 cloves organic garlic

- juice from one organic lemon

- 2 Tbs tahini

- 2 Tbs olive oil

In you food processor:

Cut your beets into smaller chunks and toss in.  Add garbanzo beans, garlic, tahini and lemon juice.  Blend.  Add a small amount of water if needed to get your desired consistency.  Add the olive oil one tablespoon at a time.  Voila!  Bright pink, nutrient packed beet hummus.

This hummus recipe is a great way to introduce beets into your family’s diet.  Beets have a high iron content, helping to reactivate and rejuvenate our body’s red blood cells.  They are known to lower blood pressure and help protect against colon and stomach cancer.

Get out your favorite crackers and sink your teeth into hummus heaven.

Click here to learn more about the amazing health benefits packed into this beet hummus recipe.


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Article by Brooke Rewa

Brooke has been combining her love for the environment and a healthy lifestyle with her love for film and writing for years. After graduating from film school and moving to Los Angeles she realized healthy living is on the rise and people want to be informed. Seeing the web as the quickest way to spread the word she started her own site, www.holdthemeat.com, aimed at teaching people about veganism and living a more conscious, vibrant life. She is excited to help LuxEco Living share their message and inspire sustainable living. Brooke Rewa tagged this post with: , , , , , Read 8 articles by
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  1. LA says:

    I had some beets left from my last CSA delivery and decided to use a couple of them for this recipe. It was SO good that I licked the bowl! I added a bit of fresh pepper and some sea salt. Yum !

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